I know that some of you probably noticed that I upped the prices on my customs. My prices were far too low for how much work I was putting into them and the amount people were ordering. To put this into some perspective, a lot of other audio artists are charging upwards of 1000 for a custom and I was charging around 50 for 20 minutes. Now keep in mind, these women do not add all the effects I do, so I work a little harder in my files! I know that you will understand and while I cannot promise that I won’t raise them again in the future to match the amount of work I’m doing, I promise to never hike them up so far that it is ridiculous.

Something to keep in mind, when I make you a file. It is just for you. It’s been written, recorded and produced just for you. It’s special! So that is the reason for my price hike. You can see the new prices on my prices page.



You will also notice that on every single page other than the front page the status of my custom queue is on the sidebar. This is so much easier for me to update you in real time. You’ll find at the time of this writing.. Customs are closed (due to influx) and personalizations are open!



I have a new option available on any previous recording and it is personalization! Ever wanted one of my files to be more directed at YOU!? Well, now you can. You can read more about personalization by reading the page made for it here.