I know I haven’t been doing much posting, but holy crap its been a few weeks. I have SO much to say and talk about, but before I get ahead of myself I wanted to talk about my redesign/rebranding. I wanted to take myself out of being only into Domination type files and wanted to open up myself to all kinds of fetish files. Things that more match my personality and are more authentically me. So, the rebrand is exactly that. I went for pink, hot, sexy and neon! Plus pink is literally my most favorite thing!

Things I’ll be covering in the next couple posts:

  • Birthday Presents!
  • New Chair, New Office!
  • New Mic, holy crap, right!?? – SUPERIOR QUALITY!
  • Twitter – Go follow me, Right meow =^^=
  • My goals going forward – also where I would like to see this site, my brand and my work within a years time!
  • Discussion Tabs
  • Personalization!
  • Customs – Price change
  • Chat feature – Discord – psst…. it’s free!
  • The Transformed and Succubus Series – Coming soon!
  • A post about how to keep your audio library organized and incognito!
  • Quickies!
  • Vanilla, Traditional Hypnotherapy!

More coming!