Hypnosis Recording

These files are hypnosis sessions. They have an induction, implanted suggestion and then you are brought out. They are meant to alter your state of being. New to hypnosis? That’s ok. You can request a free Hypnotic Trance file from me via Niteflirt email or the contact page. This file will help to teach you how to go down into hypnosis. Hypnosis can bring about powerful results, but it is not magic. So, do not be afraid of it. My Lullaby files are also part of this section because they are loops meant to drive a hypnotic suggestion home.

You can read more about hypnosis on my “FAQ” page, and you can also read more about how I set up my recordings on the “How I make my files.”


Fetish Audio Recording

These files are not hypnosis. They will not have the same kinds of noises and sounds in them. They might have more sound effects to make the fantasy more of a reality. These cover a wide variety of fetish, but they are more like an audio play. Acting out a fantasy that you can close your eyes and make real in your head. These files will not have an induction or implant any suggestions. They are an audio adventure and tend to be more theatrical. I use much more creativity in these files, but Hypnosis files will still remain my favorite.

You can read more about my fetish recordings on my “FAQ” page, and you can also read more about how I set up my recordings on the “How I make my files.”




Gag Whore – Forced Gay

Being forced to gag on cocks will put you in your place!

Homewrecker – Relationship Sabotage

I don’t give a fuck about your wife and your life. You’ll be mine, Mind, Body and Soul.

Cum Addict – Lovespell

We’re gonna make you the biggest cum whore around!

Brainless Boy – Lower IQ

Were gonna dumb you down into the brainless dumb dumb you should be!


Gay Persuasion was the hottest file in the month of March. In this file, I prove to you that I can turn you gay. I can actually make you gay, don’t believe me? Try it out! Let me wind you around my little finger!

I love any file that means I can fuck with your mind. Make my way deep into your psyche and mix things up. If you love reprogramming, this file is for you!

Do you find the idea of being permanently bound to a Siren or Succubus alluring? What if you couldn’t get away? That’s what this file will do to you. Careful! ★★★★★

- Sug

This clip should come with a warning. It’s not just the standard hypnosis. It’s way more dangerous and tricky. Just lettin’ ya know before you fall for the trap like I did. 

- Mo

A smooth listening experience from start to finish. I enjoyed the music and listening to Daphne’s voice. for the trap like I did.  - Lo

This was incredible! Daphne took my ideas and wove them into something so beautifully powerful that my head’s still spinning. She didn’t just read back my own words but made it her own. She made covered all the points that were important to me. 

- Joh

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