About Daphne

Welcome Gentleman,

My name is Daphne and I’ve been on Niteflirt for a while now. Through the years I have morphed into who I am today, ever-changing and always learning. I went from being a moany phone sex girl, but I realize quite quickly my dominant nature. As a regular phone sex girl, I had hundreds of regulars. But I was getting less and less pleasure from normal phone sex. I found I was quite aggressive. So, I switched my entire profile to that of a Mistress / Dominatrix / Humiliatrix. I did this for a long time, but I began to realize that I really loved producing recorded fantasy. I tried it out for a bit before a long hiatus. After this hiatus, I went in full force and found that this is exactly what I was meant to do. After studying my little heart out, I started to move into Hypnosis. A subject I wasn’t comfortable with doing before, simply because I didn’t know how. After much study and research, I started working in this field. After a while, I enrolled in the only nationally recognized Hypnotherapy school in the country. In which, I am still currently attending. It’s not an erotic hypnosis school, it’s a clinical Hypnotherapy school that teaches me from the ground up real clinical Hypnosis. It is a two-year program for which I’m excited to finish! And you might notice that my files change over time as I continue to research, study and learn via school and the internet.

On the other side, I have been studying audio production through all of this. I use professional programs now (self-taught – and certified via a school) to produce amazing recordings. I think this sets me apart. My recordings are well researched and have many professional levels of stereo sound with a crisp sound that can let you focus on the Hypnosis and the experience and not sound quality.

After taking some college courses (a total of 5) in college at APUS, I began to write my own scripts. Every single one of my files (with the exception of some custom recordings) are handwritten by myself. I never copy or steal anyone else’s ideas. All my material is my own creation. I never regurgitate anything from anyone else. And, I really like that about my work. Always fresh, always new. Always with my style.

I also produce high-quality custom recordings. You can read more about this by viewing my website’s page about Custom Recordings.  My website holds a wealth of information you can’t find on Niteflirt. Each recording has its own page, a sample clip of each recording and of course announcements of sales, new recordings, information about customs, and my diary. You can visit this anytime, 24 hours a day by visiting http://www.daphnesodevious.com.

All that being said, I hope you now know a little bit about me and what I like to produce. High-quality Erotic Hypnosis or Erotic Recorded Fantasy, that you can keep forever and enjoy.

Below is a list of all the subjects I regularly record. This isn’t a complete or exclusive list so be sure to drop me a line if you have something else in mind: Ass Worship, BBC, Bisexuality, Chastity, Cuckold, CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, Domination, Female Supremacy, Feminization, Femme Fatale, Financial Domination, Fin Dom, Foot Fetish, Forced Bisexual, Forced Gay, Gender Bender, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Ignore, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Love spells, Matriarchy, Orgasm Control, Pegging, Reprogramming, Slutty Wife, Strap on training, Tease and Denial, Small Dick Humiliation, Tiny Dicks, Verbal Assault.

I love to weave a story, a spell and ensnare your senses and mind. I am a Hypnodomme and a Fetish Queen. My specialties are Erotic Hypnosis and Recorded Fetish Fantasy. I love to use my intelligence, wit, cunning, and manipulation to bring you into a full fantasy world where you can experience a fetish in a whole new way. Wander through my files, I’m sure you will find something to fit your twisted desires.