These are the most frequently asked questions. I will add more as I get them. 

Do you do Phone Sex anymore?
Well, Yes. But my focus is now on recordings. You can set up a call with me by emailing me here, on Niteflirt.

What is Erotic Hypnosis?
Erotic Hypnosis is a very personal experience. It is Hypnosis or hypnotic techniques used in an Erotic or Fetish way. It can remove inhibitions, enhance sexual experiences and amplify the senses. You can become a better lover or even a better submissive and much more. You can get so lost in files that it can completely take you away from reality and allow you to experience a guided sexual fantasy completely immersed. Erotic hypnosis can be created in almost every subject imaginable. From the absolutely tame, more like a Lovespell to rich, deep and dark fantasy.

I specialize in making sensual erotic hypnosis and fetish audio recordings. I enjoy making an immersive, realistic, dreamland to which you can experience your fantasy guided by my voice. At times I use prop sounds, background music and different forms of Brainwave Entertainment to enhance my files. I do not usually use random sound effects in these files as it can distract the journey. I carefully construct my files for full emotional impact.


First, Do you have any professional training?
I do! I am currently enrolled in HMI for the 2-year diploma. I am learning to be a professional Hypnotherapist and you will notice this in my files as I learn more and more.

Does Hypnosis work for everyone?
Yes! It can! The trick is being open to it. That’s half the battle. The ability to let yourself go and to follow the induction. The meaning of being “hypnotized” is different for everyone. It all depends on how far you allow yourself to fall! I have some files with slow inductions and some with fast inductions. If you find you need longer to adjust and go down, try a longer or slower induction file.

Is Hypnosis safe?
Hypnosis is very safe and depending on the file, doesn’t have any lasting health issues. However, if you have a heart condition or are worried about it in any way, you should consult your physician before trying out my files.

What sort of methods do you use in your Hypnosis?
I use lots of tools. You can read more about these tools and methods on my How I Make My Files page. As I learn more and more you will notice different methods in my files!

Do you offer vanilla, non-sexual positive reinforcement hypnosis files?
I do, however you will need to have one custom made as they are not on my Niteflirt profile.

What is a Fetish Audio Recording?
Fetish Audio Recordings are not Hypnosis files. They lack an induction, triggers and a period of “coming up”. They are simply a recorded fantasy. But, don’t think I put less work into these files. They are just as superiorly crafted as my Hypnosis files. You will feel just as immersed in their content. For example, I might pretend to be your wife who is about to Cuckold you and make you watch. I may narrate and play the part of myself as well. Guiding you through the fantasy with my voice. I use more sound effects in these files so that you have a 3d environment as you move through the file.

What are your Lullaby files?
My Lullaby files are mostly some soothing music and layers and layers of subliminal messages swirling around on a loop. Some of the subliminals are loud enough for you to hear, and some are not. Some will only be taken in by your brain. My files are one hour long and are meant to listen to while you’re on a walk, meditating, reading, masturbating or sleeping. They reinforce fetish ideals. They can be on any subject matter.


Do I need to purchase a release file?
No. Although, some people have experienced an inability to shake a file’s effects after the designated time frame for triggers. If this is the case, write me an email and I MIGHT send you a release file 🙂

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?
No. You cannot get stuck in Hypnosis. You are still in control when you are hypnotized, you are just in a trance state. You can choose at any time to come out of hypnosis.

I am hearing sensitive, can I request a file you’ve already put up without any sound effects at all?
Of course! However, this problem was just presented to me on 12/28/2017. From this date on, the files I release will have a copy kept behind for those who do not want the background music, brainwave entertainment or sound effects. All files will be marked in the category, “Sound Sensitive“. You can drop me a line once you purchase them and I will send the copy to you. If it’s not marked, its an older file and I don’t have a copy.

Can I request a custom?
Yes! You can! Please visit my Request a Custom page for more information.

I have a fetish, but it’s kinda out there. How will I know if you will do it?
On my Request a Custom page, there is an email box at the bottom of the page. Use this to contact me about your fetish beforehand.

What subjects are off limits?
Anything that is a No-No on Niteflirt! Beastiality, Paedophilia, Needle Play, Forced Intoxication, Incest (in all forms), Rape, Blood, Knife, Toilet Play, ABDL, Crushing Anything, Fisting, Racial Slurs or Drugs (excluding Poppers and alcohol).

Personally, these are the files I will also not make. Anything where I am a sub of any kind (don’t try it, lol), Giantess, Anything where you get to fuck me.

What if I want a clip longer than 15 minutes?
Visit the Request a Custom page. I will do any length of time for a price. 🙂

What payment methods are available?
Niteflirt Only. If you are new to Niteflirt or you want to read more about it, check out my New To Niteflirt page to learn how you can set up an account!

Have another question you do not see here? 
Drop me a line at the bottom of the customs page.