Sext Me

You may or may not know about Niteflirt’s new Sexting feature! If you are not familiar with Niteflirt, please check out my page on How To Call Niteflirt. If you are already familiar with Niteflirt but you do not know anything about the new Sexting feature check out this page on Niteflirt that explains the whole thing.

Niteflirt Chat Feature

Now that you understand what it is and how does it work, what should you use Niteflirt Chat for?

1. At work and cannot call? Sext Me!
2. Want to set up a call with me where we can speak back and forth? Sext Me!
3. I’m not available for calls? Chances are if not I’m asleep, I am available for Sexting!
4. I’m not available but you want to set up a call? Sext Me!
5. Worried your wife will hear you? Sext Me!
6. Scared to call? Sext Me!

You get the picture!