New Audio – Budding Bimbo

Itttttttt’s here! My first Bimbofication file. I actually had another one planned but this was a custom order. So that means this week I’ll be putting out two Bimbo files. The other one is more of a mantra brainwash! I had fun playing with this file, had SO much fun writing it. And my favourite part is making the graphic for the cover.  Bimbofication is new for me, I’ve done a lot of research to find out what makes the perfect files and I plan to perfect them over a couple recordings. But, like everything, there are all kinds of areas that this can go and one file might not be what you’re looking for. Drop me a line if you want to see a Bimbo file that goes a bit of a different direction.

This file is 30 minutes long.
It has 2 different sets of subliminals, each 4 levels deep.
Uses the “Deeper and Deeper” and Snap techniques for hypnosis.
Has sexy narration and music.
What more could you ask for?

To hear a free sample of this file, please visit:

Customer Feedback on this clip: So I commissioned a custom file, and wow did Daphne deliver, I commissioned a few customs from a other flirts but none come better than Daphne’s, she is an artist. -a

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The worst flu of my life!

As I’m sure some you have noticed the lack of, well, me for the last three weeks. It started with a small tiny bit of chest congestion. It was so innocent, I almost thought I had too much kitty time and was having a difficult time breathing because of that. By the next day, I was down and out and stayed that way for 3 whole weeks. I have never in my life had the flu like this, there was a legit time in that, in the middle of the night, when my head hurt so badly and I felt so bad, I actually thought I was going to die right there. It is the first time in my life I thought I might actually die. I have friends who got flu shots every single year, but my flu’s have never been more than 3 or 4 days of being miserable so it wasn’t really a concern of mine. I thought it was mostly for older people with compromised immune systems. I’m pretty healthy, I work out. I take care of myself, so this was an utter shock! But, lesson learned… I will not get a flu shot every single year just to be safe and you should too!

Enough real-life sick crap, lol! I am currently writing this, “Budding Bimbo”. Finished the album art today and am currently writing the script. I’m not quite 100% yet, so recording it will still be a couple days away, but it will get here soon enough. It’s a custom that a poor guy ordered while I was sick, so he has been waiting far longer than my usual 2 days turn around.

The idea: I hypnotize you into my brand-new budding bimbo! And then I get to play with you. Awesome.

I was getting a bit slow about updating right before I got sick. But, I’m back, prepare for far more blog entries, recordings. And all throughout this, Ill leave my ignore line open. Which you can call anytime that its on. Call Button

Watching my Wife, First Time Cuck


I actually had to stop mid-recording to rub one out for this one! The live sex behind it was so hot! I couldn’t get enough! I haven’t done too many of these yet. The Erotic Recordings that have nothing to do with Hypnosis and are more a recorded fantasy and depending on how they are received Ill make more. This is part one of a three-part series. Because Cuckolding can have so many different variations that people like, I’m going to follow the same couple (you and me) through three recordings. The first one is pretty tame. The next one will be dirtier and the third the dirtiest. Not every recording will be for everyone which is why you should def pay attention to the descriptions. This one is just straightforward Cuckolding with no cleanup, no gay stuff. Just your wife and another guy fucking her!

This recording is 15-30 mins long.

To hear a sample of this song, please visit its page:

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The Straight Edge


This was a custom recording that I had a genuinely great time recording. This guy brought to me a problem I didn’t even know was out there. Not every guy wants to hear about how he’s always been secretly gay. Maybe, a guy is completely straight and wants a hypnotist to use her power to implant any suggestion, even becoming gay. It’s not about being Gay, wanting cock or anything of that nature. You are straight, but maybe you want a domme, a hypnotist to use her powers to convince you otherwise lol!

Does it work? Of course, it does!

Wow. I was worried that since I wrote the script I wouldn’t be able to get into it, only hearnig my own words echoed back at me. But you transformed it. It was everything I said and yet I hardly recognized it, which is amazing. One thing I didn’t count on was how powerful the beats were and how much the background audio would affect me. The beats would suddenly drop into a different frequency and I would go rock hard, just when I was thinking that I had things under control.

Okay, I admit it. This is the first audio clip that I feel has actually changed me. – S


Now I know clips like this are pretty scary. Changing your brain is always scary. But admit it, you want to try. You want to see if you can resist. You want to see if I am powerful enough to alter your desires. Oh, trust me. I am!

This recording is 40 minutes long.

You can hear a sample of this recording by going here:

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*This file was a custom request. You will love it too! See just how I can make your fantasies a reality by ordering a custom file today!

Tiny Dick Embarrassing Evaluation Custom Audio


Sometimes I want something to take my frustration out on, this could be your pathetic prick. First, you buy the audio, then send me a pic of your pansy penis and I will record a 10-minute evaluation of it. It is custom just for you and the pic you send me. You do not need to send any identifying pics. Just a crotch shot so you don’t have to worry about who is gonna recognize you from your feeble member. Trust me, it’s probably not recognizable to anyone who might have seen it. IF anyone has even seen it lol.

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Blind Lust

I loved making this file. I’ve had this thing about the French language lately. And I have been doing a lot of research into ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) I even taught myself a bit of French that I speak to you in this file. French is such an erotic language and it’s sexy coming out of your mouth too! This is a LoveSpell, which according to my sales on Niteflirt Goodies, this is the most bought item of mine. Not this file exactly, I mean the subject. My Lovespell files sell more than all other recordings. You guys really love to feel passion and love for me! Well, who wouldn’t want to love me more!

Also, Listening to Hurricane by 30 seconds to Mars really made the writing in this one passionate. If you haven’t heard this song, or even the video (which is totally erotic and hot) check it out below. It’s On Vimeo because I wanted you to see all the nudity and hotness. By the way, I would totally fuck the shit out of Shannon (the drummer).

I get my inspiration from so many places. I love listening to something over and over again while I’m writing and it really does influence me. This one is inspired by this song above.

This recording is 15-20 mins long.

You can listen to a sample of this recording here:

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Right of Possession Audio

This was a custom recording that was requested by a man who wanted his wife to keep him in Chasity without bothering her to get out. But it will work for anyone who has a  hard time maintaining Chasity for the period deemed. You can use this file as a couple, with me or in conjunction with another Domme to keep your Chastity secure. I LOVE doing Customs, and they give unique content to all of you that you wouldn’t normally get from me. These are little adventures I love to go on with you. So did it work out for the couple using it? What do you think?

This file was absolutely perfect! You did a wonderful job. I listened three times last night and once again this morning. I can’t get enough. The way you took my bulleted list and crafted it into your own mezmerizing spell was fantastic. I find myself testing it all the time, trying to see how strong it is or if I can break out. So far it’s 100% effective. The more I try to disobey the suggestions and fail, the stronger they get and the deeper they sink into my mind. I normally would have bugged her about a dozen times by now but so far I haven’t said a word. And you thew in a few suprises. I didn’t expect you to redirect my sexual thoughts to thoughts of serving her or keep my cock soft while in chastity. What a mind trip!

Thank you so much!

PS I was too eager to listen to your file last night and I never took advantage of my freedom. Wonder if that was a mistake… – J.


When are you going to realize that I am capable of doing whatever I want to you and having it stick in your weak mind? Don’t believe me? Try for yourself!

This recording is 15-20 mins long.

You can listen to a sample of this audio by visiting:

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*This file was a custom request. You will love it too! See just how I can make your fantasies a reality by ordering a custom file today!


Hypnotic Ass Lustful Lullaby

I didn’t think the Lullabyes would do so well, but people really love to listen to them when they are sleeping or meditating. Or just trying to hammer home messages into their brain while they are jerking off! This is jam-packed with tons of subliminals and binaural beats, which you know is always my signature. Speaking of Binaural beats, since I’ve been writing so many papers for college, I’m gonna write a short essay on Binaural beats so that those of you who don’t really know what they are can read more about it. What do you think? Of course, you love it!

This recording is 1 hour long.

To hear a sample of this recording, please visit it on its own page in the Mp3 area!

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Enchantress Ass Exaltation Audio

I didn’t have a good Ass Worship recording, and since I am trying to get at least 5 or 6 in each category to fund my studio, I figured it was time. For me, a woman’s ass is so erotic. Perfectly framed by a perfect pair of panties or shorts it can be the biggest turn on. You can see it through clothing so it’s always out there for you to view. As long as she does her squats lol. It was only fitting that I made an Ass Worshipping Recording. I have been using a lot of prerecorded Binaural Beats, but I’m currently learning how to make my own. This will also help with making all my files sound and feel more unique.

You can hear a sample of this audio on its page here:

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A poll about new recordings!

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Jerk Off Instruction for Naughty Boys Audio

I was messing around listening to different wavelengths in binaural beats and I came across the one I used in this recording. I was listening and immediately I wanted to get fucked and cum. It was that powerful. I thought I need to use this as a challenge of sorts. If I want to masturbate, how hard would it be for me to do a Jerk Off Instruction session with it in the background? What a challenge for you guys! So, here it is! So hot and naughty and fresh off my mic!


In other news, I have added audio samples to all my records except a select few. That way you can take a peek at whats inside. That goes the same for this recording as well. You can hear its sample by clicking on this link.

In the studio…. Cuckold

A new series and a new mp3 in the studio. This is going to be a fun adventure, because not only will you be able to hear me, but you’ll hear my boyfriend cuckolding… YOU! Tucker and I will create a hot, erotic file here in the next couple days (if we can stop from fucking long enough to do it! lol) Tucker has a rather large cock, and in it you will be my husband. You’re going to come home to a nasty surprise! This will be part 1 of a three-part series. This doesn’t mean you’ll like the whole series because they will be more extreme as we go along. This will just be a nice cuck. No cleaning up, just bound and watching as your wife completely emasculates you! I’m excited, are you?

In the meantime, to get you warmed up.. you should really see how magnificent his cock really is! Buy his cock pics below.


The Hive – Female Supremacy & Matriarchy

This was so much on my mind for days it was a relief to get it recorded. I got it all out and in a lovely hypnotic recording that I put on Niteflirt. It was automatically picked up by adoring fans. I would say it’s my best so far as I learn more and more about sound mixing and creating music. It is about Female Supremacy and Matriarchy. It touches a small bit on Ass Worship and Leg Worship and it’s just absolutely delicious. 17 minutes of erotic hypnosis!

EDIT: I had to change the name of this file to The Hive.

Here it is… Hostile Takeover

This recording was SO fun for me to make. I even speak in french in it! Lots of subliminals (4 levels) and Binural Beats and Devious goodness!

Subjects include: Female Supremacy, FinDom, Financial Domination and Hypnosis

Annnd here it is. Fresh off the mic. Key Warden – Hypno-Chastity

Part one of my Femme Fatale Series.


Daphne’s Femme Fatale Series
KeyMaster Hypno-Chastity – by Daphne Montgomery

Listen as I guide you down and then implant erotic messages in your head. Chastity for one week or seven days. For those of you new to chastity.

Female Superiority, Matriarchy and Cock Control.

Recorded with Erotic Lucid Dream Isochronic Binaural Beat, (Please Wear Headphones)

15 minutes of Hypno Erotic Virtual Chasity. $20.00


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