This was a custom recording that was requested by a man who wanted his wife to keep him in Chasity without bothering her to get out. But it will work for anyone who has a  hard time maintaining Chasity for the period deemed. You can use this file as a couple, with me or in conjunction with another Domme to keep your Chastity secure. I LOVE doing Customs, and they give unique content to all of you that you wouldn’t normally get from me. These are little adventures I love to go on with you. So did it work out for the couple using it? What do you think?

This file was absolutely perfect! You did a wonderful job. I listened three times last night and once again this morning. I can’t get enough. The way you took my bulleted list and crafted it into your own mezmerizing spell was fantastic. I find myself testing it all the time, trying to see how strong it is or if I can break out. So far it’s 100% effective. The more I try to disobey the suggestions and fail, the stronger they get and the deeper they sink into my mind. I normally would have bugged her about a dozen times by now but so far I haven’t said a word. And you thew in a few suprises. I didn’t expect you to redirect my sexual thoughts to thoughts of serving her or keep my cock soft while in chastity. What a mind trip!

Thank you so much!

PS I was too eager to listen to your file last night and I never took advantage of my freedom. Wonder if that was a mistake… – J.


When are you going to realize that I am capable of doing whatever I want to you and having it stick in your weak mind? Don’t believe me? Try for yourself!

This recording is 15-20 mins long.

You can listen to a sample of this audio by visiting:

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*This file was a custom request. You will love it too! See just how I can make your fantasies a reality by ordering a custom file today!