Who is ready for Season 3? I know I am. I just finished not only redesigning my hacked website, ugh!, but also putting everything from last season (2017-2018) half off permanently. So head on over to the devious shop and grab all those Goodies!

I have a lots planned for Season 3, And I will definitely be making a post about what I have planned soon, but for tonight, just know its coming!

As far as the redesign goes, it was a long time coming anyway. The theme I had before was full of issues, and I know a few of you got more than your fair share of random redirects and 404 errors. I trashed it for a much cleaner (both in appearance and code) them which I have been busting my little rump to get ready. And it’s done. Well, mostly done. A few tweaks here and there and she will be golden. I have a few files I put out while the site was out of commission that I plan to get up asap as well as their samples.