This was a custom recording that I had a genuinely great time recording. This guy brought to me a problem I didn’t even know was out there. Not every guy wants to hear about how he’s always been secretly gay. Maybe, a guy is completely straight and wants a hypnotist to use her power to implant any suggestion, even becoming gay. It’s not about being Gay, wanting cock or anything of that nature. You are straight, but maybe you want a domme, a hypnotist to use her powers to convince you otherwise lol!

Does it work? Of course, it does!

Wow. I was worried that since I wrote the script I wouldn’t be able to get into it, only hearnig my own words echoed back at me. But you transformed it. It was everything I said and yet I hardly recognized it, which is amazing. One thing I didn’t count on was how powerful the beats were and how much the background audio would affect me. The beats would suddenly drop into a different frequency and I would go rock hard, just when I was thinking that I had things under control.

Okay, I admit it. This is the first audio clip that I feel has actually changed me. – S


Now I know clips like this are pretty scary. Changing your brain is always scary. But admit it, you want to try. You want to see if you can resist. You want to see if I am powerful enough to alter your desires. Oh, trust me. I am!

This recording is 40 minutes long.

You can hear a sample of this recording by going here:

You can buy this recording on Niteflirt as a Goodie for $45.00



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