As many of you may have already noticed on the front of the website, I showed the graphics for the 8 new files I have planned in a new series. The series is wrapped around Feminization. If this isn’t your cup of tea.. this isn’t the post or the recordings for you. However, a whooooole lot of you love Feminization so this IS for you. I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head for months, usually when I’m about to fall asleep at night I think about this series and how I’m going to design it. Due to recent computer issues I couldn’t really even start on it beyond thinking about it. But, since I got a semi passable cheap computer (until my other one is fixed) I can finally start to work on it. I’m still in the beginning phases of it. I have done the graphical part which is always the first part of my design process. It keeps me motivated and keeps my writing on task and subject. Infact, I LOVE the graphical part of the phase. I love making beautiful eye pleasing graphics that truly represent the file within.

The Transformed Series – By Daphne Montgomery

Through all my years of phone sex, these are the typical fantasies I have encountered. I’m so excited about every single one of them and my mind is full of ideas bouncing around about them all. It’s quite chaotic in there! lol.

In fact, I’m having a hard time deciding which one to write first and if I should wait until they are all finished to put them up pr release them one at a time. I do know that all of them will be erotic hypnosis files and that they will all have some subliminals and other interesting links between them to make a whole entire experience that can be enjoyed together as a group or one by one.

Also, I have quite a few other files, 8 to be exact that need to be recorded and processed so I’m going be quite the busy bee. 🐝

Stay tuned! Also, I have opened up comments on my site. Feel free to comment and communicate with me what you want and what you like!