So you’ll notice that I put all my old season files on sale today and I sent a blast email through Niteflirt. Those files are below. I made them a little while ago but I had a couple issues with putting them up. First and foremost my computer broke and I was stuck playing on a 8 year old laptop which could not even open the programs I needed to work on my site. And then of course, my site was hacked, so I had to fix that. So here they are in no particular order!

Dumb Dumb Brainless Boy – Jerk off Instruction, JOI, Lowered IQ.

This was a file I had in the “ideas” bin for a long time. Since I had already made the graphic for it, it was one of the ones I finished while my computer was on the outs. I love the idea of making you stupid for me and making you stroke so that the idea of being dumb and jacking off means you correlate pleasure with stupidity, lol! I loved making it and I’m sure you will love hearing it. It’s officially the first file of 2019 and the first file of my third season! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make a sample version of this and somehow in the transfer of all the files from the 8-year-old computer to the new one I just got ate up the files for me. So I only have the version that I uploaded to Niteflirt. So no sample for this one I’m afraid.

If you want some more info about this file and to read a description, you can go to its page on my site, or just buy the file below!

Buy this Goodie, Dumb Dumb Brainless Boy
20 minutes – $28.00

Stroke Stroke Bitch – Edging, Orgasm Denial, Guided Masturbation

This one was a custom order, but you’ll love it too! I love Tease and Denial files and I know from some of your emails to me, so do you! This one includes Guided Masturbation & Tease and Denial all at once, with a little tiny bit of verbal assaults thrown in there!

To hear a sample of this file, check it out at

Buy this goodie, stroke stroke bitch
23 minutes – $28.00