I actually had to stop mid-recording to rub one out for this one! The live sex behind it was so hot! I couldn’t get enough! I haven’t done too many of these yet. The Erotic Recordings that have nothing to do with Hypnosis and are more a recorded fantasy and depending on how they are received Ill make more. This is part one of a three-part series. Because Cuckolding can have so many different variations that people like, I’m going to follow the same couple (you and me) through three recordings. The first one is pretty tame. The next one will be dirtier and the third the dirtiest. Not every recording will be for everyone which is why you should def pay attention to the descriptions. This one is just straightforward Cuckolding with no cleanup, no gay stuff. Just your wife and another guy fucking her!

This recording is 15-30 mins long.

To hear a sample of this song, please visit its page: http://www.daphnesodevious.com/mp3/product/watching-my-wife-first-time-cuck/

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