I’ve been having computer issues for a couple of months now. One thing would break, replace it, then another thing. All vital things to make the damn thing work. Which this last blow of the power supply and then the graphics card, I said fuck it and bought another one. I’m MONTHS behind on work, and now its time to play catch up. First I’m going to be putting out a couple of quickies (cuz a girls gotta eat) and then I will be working on my backlog. (Yes this also means all the people who have been emailing me, along with all the files that are “Coming Soon” on my site.)

My floors were ruined by a flood in my house while I wasn’t here from a broken toilet. FUN! Still working on that, got the hallway done so far.

Wanna be my very very best friend? Send me 10 bucks for coffee, It will be a looong night, lol.