As some of you have noticed, I redesigned my website to be more authentically me. It was announced on Twitter, but then again I announce everything on Twitter. You should probably add me on Twitter, just saying.. hint, hint, Twitter. But anyway, I digress…

With that, I am shifting from being an exclusive hypnodomme to a general all around fetish queen. Although I do not do phone sex anymore, this means I am doing ALL fetishes and all fantasies and especially erotic hypnosis. Now, you can still get your fix on hypnodomme subjects (Humiliation, Domination, Sissy, Forced Bisexual, etc, etc, etc.) but I am also going to be releasing some more vanilla type files (cock sucking lips, traditional hypnotherapy like biting nails, stopping smoking |etc|, listen to me orgasm). I still will not do anything submissive, because that is NOT in my nature. I just want to branch out to a wider audience and a wider variety of files. This is just an experiment, but the hypnodomme stuff isn’t going anywhere!


As many of you know, I’m currently in school for Hypnotherapy. I’d like to bring that to some of you. It’s an experiment at this time, and I might move it to its own site altogether in time. But I will make sure that everything I post on here is of at least a flirtatious nature! Some files you can think about seeing (and ordering as customs) are:

  • Addiction Help
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • Smoking
  • Nail Biting
  • Confidence
  • Procrastination
  • Panic Attacks
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress Management
  • and much much more!

How fun would it be to be able to get help with these subjects from your favorite honey-voiced hypnotherapist!

Use my contact page to ask me about Customs in this area!